Can you donate or contribute toward those who have been hit hard during this pandemic?


Dear Friend of Area IV,

Over the past year, Area IV has reached numerous families, individuals, and communities for the first time due to the pandemic and all the resulting related issues.  These are individuals who have never requested assistance in the past, however, find themselves in precarious situations at this time in our history.

Area IV has provided rental support, bus passes, links to vaccinations, help with water, gas, and electric bills, and funded a small business loan for a startup childcare in a rural community (thereby allowing parents to return to the workforce).

Additionally, we have provided funding to our partners to:

  • Provide food boxes for distribution
  • Purchase family literacy supplies
  • Create a breastfeeding station for childcare room for adult education classes
  • Support the cost of testing and certifications for adult skill development
  • Pay for adult classes to improve employment opportunities
  • Purchase furnishings for individuals to move out of homelessness
  • Start up a new homeless shelter in a rural setting

As an Agency we utilize our annual drive contributions to meet urgent needs across all ages that cannot be covered through any other grant funding source. With your donation, you can specify how you would like the donation utilized.

Thank you for your kind consideration as we address poverty across the spectrum!


Elva James, Executive Director

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