Heating Up the Holidays


Mr. Pablo Torres wanted just one thing for this holiday season; to have heating in his home that was safe and affordable. He wanted to replace the baseboard heaters with central heating, but this was an expensive option.

To pay for the change to central heating, Mr. Torres enrolled in the Individual Development Account (IDA) Program, which is a three-year, matched savings program designed to assist individuals in achieving self-sufficiency through financial literacy and asset generation. For each dollar an individual saves, the State of Indiana will match it with three dollars, up to $3,000 with a maximum program balance of $4,000.

Mr. Torres successfully completed the program in December of 2021 and replaced his baseboard heaters with central heating. When asked about his experience with the IDA Program, Mr. Torres said “Allie Vice with Area IV Agency was amazing at providing guidance throughout the process. Her help was extremely valuable, and I am happy to say that such caring and professional live and work in our community. Area IV Agency helped me to achieve my goal and improve my quality of life.”

Congratulations, Mr. Torres on your successful completion of the IDA Program and the installation of a safe and affordable heating system.

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